New Moon in Pisces - Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Pisces : Tuesday, March 8th : 5:54pm - Solar Eclipse : 5:58pm PST

In just over 24 hours the moon and sun will dance together in the sign of Pisces. Just a few minutes after the moon reaches the nadir of its cycle the sun moves into a full Solar Eclipse, also in the sign of Pisces. This moon is a Supermoon, which means it is closest to the earth, and pulls even stronger on all tides here, both inner and outer.

Eclipses are huge cycles of transformation that mark new beginnings and endings simultaneously and reiterate themselves at different octaves over thousands of years, thus paving the way for yet deeper understanding each time around. The new moon is also a powerful point on the cycle whose essence is like the space between the breaths where beginnings and endings meet. 

In the sign of Pisces our watery, resonant Selves become like surface wellsprings rising up into a world of duality, bubbling forth from the archetypal, the Spirit world, and the world of the collective unconscious. We are being called forward to feel anew the dream we are dreaming together. Viscous and boundary-less like the unfathomable blue of the ocean, this level of Pisces infusion can bring forward a felt sense of deep time and deep space - that can be stretched, molded, and sifted. 

In just one dream we can enter entirely different worlds where we have the opportunity to seek perspectives beyond the confines of our own made world. Through the imagination we tap into the Dreaming of the Whole if we so choose, and can literally shape what’s to come in the next cycle. It is here in the abyss that creation begins.

I know I am not alone when I say that the world of the waking needs our wildest imaginations, as it needs us to come into a more felt understanding of each other’s worlds and perspectives - which includes the perspectives, needs and grievances of the species we share this planet with. Often known as the sign of Self Undoing, we shatter our small worlds when we attune to all the ways we are One. And here, during this time of tumult and change, we must recognize the earth, our home, is not getting any bigger, nor any more able to sustain our disconnect. We as a Community of Life must feel each other to know each other…and it is then we will know ourselves.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and with others as emotions can run high, and empathetic sensitivities overwhelming at times. Allow each wave of emotion, dream and deep knowing to flow through you as spectrums of energy that are beyond label and logic. To protect what we love, we must first know it intimately. Pisces new moon and this solar eclipse are potent opportunities to tune in and to listen, and to refine our own capacity to hold huge emotion. Without emotion, we would not act. Without our emotional intelligence, we would not be moving from our wholeness. 

Pisces New Moon and the Solar Eclipse say, “be like the whales now. Down deep, and up for air…always singing the dream forward.”