Full Moon Scorpio - Taurus

Photo by Cristian Boian on Behance

Photo by Cristian Boian on Behance

Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus : Thursday, April 21st - 10:23pm PST

Sending you greetings and depth on this full moon in Scorpio! Scorpio is one of my favorite signs. Opposite the full moon, the sun has just entered Taurus. It's a beautiful and inviting dance between what is seen, and what is hidden.

Where Taurus is the sign of sensuous earth, matter, beauty and the value of the life-force, Scorpio is concerned with what lies beneath the visible that inspires our actions, creations and ways of being. These two dance the spectrum of what is seen, tangible, felt, and stable, and what is hidden, often unspoken, and in flux and change always. 

What we see all around us is the result of hidden emotions, intimate experiences, and motivations. Art, language, our creative products, our bodies, and our material goods are all born first in the alchemical depths of the invisible world. This world - Scorpio’s world, is concerned primarily with those depths that inspire transformation, deepening intimacy with the world of matter, and easeful flux, change and renewal. When this energy is closeted and held back in resistance - as Taurus can be apt to do in its love of all things physical, and its ongoing quest for stability, it can leak out as unhealthy power-plays, secrecy, and manipulation based on fear.

Full moons in the cycle are a time where processes become illuminated, and we can see what we’ve really been up to for the first time, objectively - as if we get a little space to stand opposite an emotion, a process, a fear, or a creative act to see all of it. This reflection time is so important and the distance healthy. 

Scorpio-Taurus asks; where have you been holding too tightly? What are the hidden motivations behind your actions? Are they in service to life, which is dynamic and ever-changing, or in service to fear? How can you adjust your relationship to change to honor it’s sacred place on the wheel of becoming?

It’s a rich time indeed. These questions as you explore them will bring you closer to what you’re really after. Ultimately Scorpio wants intimacy. Intimacy with a full and vibrant life, and an honorable death. Intimacy between motivation and action, art, and soul. Sometimes our greatest fears become the doorway in…lean in, allow yourself to be shaped. Trust the hidden currents…

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