New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries : Thursday April 7th : 4:24am PST

Aries as the first sign of the zodiac bursts forth with initiatory energy. She learns through unencumbered discovery and flies on the wings of desire. This is no quiet force, but one who moves stridently forward and naturally leads. Ruled by Mars, Aries channels this projective, exploratory energy into sacred action when well tended, and will always inspire the question : what is worth fighting for?

She reminds me, in all her fire, of the archetypal qualities of Artemis. The original Wild Woman who is home in her body, as an extension of the Earth, who knows the power of emotion in inspiring action. She is autonomous and free, and answers only to her Wild kin, and the to the insatiable desire to protect, to thrive, and to be free.

We need these qualities right now in our world. We need to have access to Holy Rage, and to Grief, and to Passion and to Eros. We need to know we do indeed have what it takes to initiate change, and to lead where and when we’re called to lead with a clarity of purpose and a deep desire to protect what we love. Accessing this force can, and has been challenging in western contemporary culture. Here, emotions too often are meant to be quieted, suppressed, and hidden. Rage is never appropriate. Sensuality and eros are distorted, commercialized and fed back to us in shadowy, misleading, disempowering ways over media. Artemis, as Lady Aries, has the will, the power, and the courage to break free of these constructs if we are to only ask. Coupled with the revolutionary force of Uranus, and squaring the Lord of the Underworld, this New Moon carries explosive potential to enact change.

However you choose to channel the energies of this New Moon, let it be free, and wild, and maybe more disturbing to the status quo than normal. And as always, may I suggest… howling?