Sagittarius-Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon in Sagittarius : Saturday May 21st : 2:14pm PDT

Pinned from Deviant Art

Pinned from Deviant Art

The full moon in Sagittarius blooms tomorrow, May 21st at 2:14pm PDT at 1 degree, directly opposing the sun in Gemini. The moon, our nurturing, instinctive self expresses in Sagittarius through a review of what is meaningful in our lives. These truths rise up from the place from which our life flows, as Rilke said. They are the guiding principles that form the outer banks of the river of our souls. In that way, determining and listening for what is meaningful to each of us is a crucial part of what it means to be human. We are, in fact, meaning makers, and no sign tracks that longing more than Sagittarius. 

Gemini knows how to dialogue with the world. This sign sees deep pattern, expressed and understood as logos, the higher mind. We need our minds to help us discern what is meaningful to us, and what is not. We need our conscious, unique and creative selves (the sun) to know how to live in accordance with the underground river of soul through each word we speak, and choice we make. 

The mystic and the muse are both interested in exploration and discovery. They are both anchored in the unseen worlds of pattern, logic, and soul/spirit. As the moon waxes full let the sun in Gemini show you the patterns (the moon) you lean into. Some of them will likely resonate as meaningful, soulful, and unique to you. The very act of offering your attention to these ways of being may energize you and inspire you. Air feeds fire. 

Others you may find, drain you. Like any challenging or inauthentic conversation, coming into relationship with them may leave you more depleted and frustrated than lit up and refreshed. This Sagittarius-Gemini dynamic can be helpful in gaining further clarity and then discerning the right course of action from that place of meaning.

The moon is also exactly conjunct Mars, our warrior/champion self. This part of us wants to see us take action, express our desires, and steward our vitality. A little extra nudge from Mars will amplify the moons clarifying force. You may find yourself fed up with actions and habits that are less than meaningful. You may find extra energy to break free of old ways of being that keep you small. After all, Mars says, when you know, you know.