Lunar Beltane - Taurus New Moon

New Moon in Taurus :  Friday, May 6th : 12:29pm PST

Beltane Blessings to each of you! The sun and the moon share space in the sign of Taurus this Friday at 12:29pm PST, which marks Lunar Beltane. This ancient cross-quarter fire festival has been celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere for thousands of years. It is a time of the seasonal wheel of the year when eros - life-force energy, is honored and celebrated. Traditionally in parts of what is now Europe, people would come together around a bonfire that raged all night long and there they would celebrate the threshold of life that is sexual union and erotic play as a sacred act. More generally, the fertility of all of Earth’s creatures is also celebrated during this time. The fires burned for light, as a threshold between light and dark, and for purification so that what is conceived and harvested this year will be life-enhancing, and for the good of the whole.

This Lunar Beltane take a moment to celebrate the most basic desires we have, which bring us more firmly down into our bodies - not as something to transcend or be rid of, but as a gateway for the most profound experience of all - living and loving right here, right now. This new moon in Taurus helps us see and celebrate true beauty which is a wild, fresh kind of beauty, not the kind of beauty we can plan. This beauty is the flush of life, the joy of illumination and warmth, and the connection we irrevocably share with all the Earth Community. 

It may be a perfect time for you to honor your body in some way - all of it, or perhaps to engage in a sacred way of coming together with a loved one. You may choose to review and enjoy those practices and rituals that make you come alive and remind you who you really are, and what you’re here to do. 

These kinds of affirmations take us more deeply into the heart of What Matters, and then we celebrate our diversity and our gifts from there, together.

With bright, fiery, and love-soaked blessings,