Gemini New Moon Grand Cross

New Moon in Gemini : Saturday June 4th : 8:01pm PDT

Gemini, an air sign, invites you into the power of perspective. Highly attuned to the web of connection between things, and able to travel anywhere the wind can blow, the sign of the twins makes connections, and traverses across landscapes following a thread. The new moon on Saturday is a powerful beginning to a big month as it conjuncts Venus and completes a grand cross which includes Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. The very placement of the Gemini moon exemplifies its own lattice-like nature. 

We are each called into a seed cycle that offers questions and themes from each point on the cross. Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to step into personal responsibility and maturity in a way that is deeply meaningful to you. Neptune in Pisces wants to remind you that for anything to exist it has to first be imagined - which is not to say you make it up. And Jupiter in Virgo, such an expansive force, stirs the one of you who longs to live fully right here, right now. These placements remind us there is always more to live into when we connect with the earthy call of soul. 

Can you catch Gemini’s natural and quick-moving curiosity and take in all the many voices of you in a way that holds them all? Without diffusing any one of them? Do you dare to step into your Place of wholeness in the scheme of things? What needs to happen for that to really take place? 

Lady Venus conjunct the sun and the moon wants you to do it artfully, and with love. With summer solstice in the northern hemisphere just around the corner, this new moon is a perfect time to seed your intentions for the season of illumination. Remember, air feeds fire. How you stand here now, matters.