Sagittarius Full Moon + Summer Solstice

Full Moon in Sagittarius : Saturday June 20th : 4:02am PDT

Summer Solstice : Saturday June 20th : 3:32pm PDT

Joy and illumination to you this summer solstice! It is one to remember, sharing the day with the full moon in Sagittarius. Summer solstice marks the moment when the sun enters the sign of Cancer. At this time of year Mother Earth is full to bursting in abundance from the Sun’s life-giving light in the Northern hemisphere. Here, the days are long and the nights and short and human beings from time immemorial have marked this important threshold for its boons and blessings. It is indeed a time to celebrate the fullness of life and the long days provide a perfect opportunity to really see what it is that we have to be thankful for. 

With the moon full in Sagittarius, we have equal illumination reigning in the night sky - the culmination of a lunar cycle that began with the first full moon in Sagittarius (yes there were two!) Sagittarius comes through as the voice of us that follows instinctual, bone-deep longings. It is the sign of the quester, the wanderer, the seeker, who demands that all that we do be anchored to deep meaning. Life is precious. It is not to be squandered in petty affairs.

Both the sun and the moon in their fullness ask us to simultaneously make sacrifice, which is to literally “make sacred” by offering up old skins, habits, patterns, and identities that prevent us from radiating from the heart and soul. Traditionally the Celtic people would make a bonfire, and literally burn offerings as a symbolic action during this ceremonial time. The sun is also honored here as the divine masculine. The ever-projecting, giver of light that is so crucial for life here on Earth. We see all around us blooming, and playing. It is truly a time of great resplendence.

However you want to spend this day, don’t let it pass without gratitude. May I suggest, a praise walk? Take a moment out in the wilds, or in your local park. Inwardly, or out loud (recommended), praise all that you see that genuinely opens you. Maybe you praise the power of the sun as it kisses your skin, or the way the flowers bloom so delicately. Maybe memories or moments in your life now come to mind and you find yourself praising the fullness of your life. 

Let the illumination of the sun and the moon, the nourishing, mothering energy of Cancer, and the questing wanderer of you, show you all that is yours to see on this holiest of days.