Capricorn Full Moon

Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Behance

Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Behance

Blessings to each of you. The sun, still in Cancer, continues to shine the light on the intelligence and needs of our untamable emotions and our nurturing, wild hearts. For many of us who are already sensitive to how deeply we feel the world, the big water signature of the past couple of weeks has been intense - perhaps at times too much. In just over twenty-four hours the moon will be full opposite the sun in the sign of Capricorn, one of the oldest signs of the zodiac. 

Although often interpreted through a patriarchal lens in more recent times, the Sea-Goat is a yin sign, associated with the Earth element, and represented by symbols that have long been scared to the Goddess - the crescent moon, the goat, the distant holy mountain, and the ocean deep. The moon in Capricorn, opposite the sun in Cancer calls us to strengthen the vessel that can hold such powerful emotion, such profound full-bodied feeling. This is the gift of Capricorn - to be the root, the foundation, the well, and the cave - both sheltering and protecting Mystery’s work in our lives.  

Capricorn calls us to leave the village - both metaphorically, and sometimes literally, to get underneath all the impositions of contemporary western culture so that we can refine our own vessel for the work we’re called here to do, for the gift that is ours to hold. In that way, Capricorn is a call to our own maturity and responsibility to be the change we wish to see - to be inspired to move and to act from the depth of our emotions - not to wallow in them and fall prey to the pains of the world, but to strengthen the vessel, to be the shelter, to build the sanctuaries within and without. This full moon, we have extra help from Uranus (moon/sun square uranus) to step outside the box of what we think is possible and see/act/move/think with fresh eyes a touch of wilderness.

This Full Moon, you may want to review the ways in which your full-bodied feeling roots you into your core values. What is your part of the Great Work? How can you take responsibility for the world you wish to see?

The way you are touched by the world matters.  Each choice - no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a step in a direction toward change, for better or for worse. 

With the Lady,


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