Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon : Monday July 4th : 4:02am PDT

This new moon takes place in the sign of Cancer, where it is most comfortable and at home. With six other planets and chiron in water signs, the deep task as we begin a new cycle of growth and release, is to consult and honor your feeling sense directly. 

Steven Gallegos, author of Animals of the Four Windows, says; “feeling is a mode of knowing energies.” In contemporary western culture our feeling sense, which is one way into instantaneous knowing (that we sometimes call a “gut hit”) has been denigrated in relationship to our analytical minds. So many of us when we were young were taught this way of holding our deep emotional intelligence - intelligence that Gallegos says “has a longer and deeper memory than thinking.” Neuroscience attests that the part of the brain associated with reading the ‘energetic landscape’ of our lives did indeed form long before the cerebral cortex - the part of our brain that engages in reductionistic, rational thought. 

Part of our work as cultural change agents and free radicals is to welcome home the emotional intelligence, our feeling sense, as a primary way of knowing equal to the power of our minds. This new moon, give your emotional body the gift of your presence and attention. Notice how emotions, as they arise and fall, carve out a landscape of feeling that is both receptive in its ability to listen and notice, and active in energizing action. As you do so, be aware of the heroic ego’s insatiable desire to solve and resolve - an impulse that is hard-wired into each of us who were raised in a culture of avoidance, and fear of discomfort and change. Can you allow yourself to literally be at the effect of your emotional body without needing to change, master or control it? How might tuning into what’s present on that level, and trusting it, inform the way you move through the world?

The moon is our nurturer. Associated with The Great Mother, it is the moon that invites us to explore for ourselves and for others love in action - a generative, thriving kind of love, that when in balance, is able to flow forth without depleting itself. They way you are able to love and nurture yourself does directly relate to how able you are to love and nurture others. When we ignore our emotional intelligence we become hijacked and tossed around on the stormy seas of deep, unacknowledged feeling. What does your great heart FEEL? Trust that.