Leo New Moon


Leo New Moon : Tuesday August 2nd : 1:44pm PDT

Leo is the sign the of the courageous heart, yet this fire sign is one that has been twisted and colonized by the western contemporary mind who knows only the most superficial expression of courageous self-love. A kind that comes off as narcissistic, hungry for the center of attention, always on display, and self-absorbed. In our “selfie-society” this misinterpretation is no surprise. 

In actuality, these ways of knowing Leo - both the Leo in ourselves and the Leos we know and love in our lives - holds the true power of this sign hostage to an unhealthy, yet overly common distortion. Narcissism is what happens when one has lost their ability to know their own intrinsic worth. It’s what happens when insecurity looks outside the self for affirmation, approval, and validation. Those most self-absorbed are often those who suffer the most from a tremendous inner wound that is desperate to find safety in the regard of others.

Healthy Leo is just the opposite. It is radical self-love. A kind of love that comes from wholeness, that knows its worth, that celebrates the gifts each person brings to the cultural tapestry. When the heart is truly courageous it can be with the fluctuations of our lives whether they are moments we love, or moments/aspects we would prefer to hide, solve and resolve. The truly courageous heart offers itself to be shaped by its capacity to love without judgement, and in doing so, it mirrors to all others what sovereignty looks like; one who is not swayed by fame or greed. One who does not need to put oneself over another to be radiant. Rather than keeping others small, healthy Leo lifts everyone up by its natural ability to inspire, and in this way, Leo spills forth unbounded creativity. The cure for our collective wound is in the poison.

This new moon, seed a vision for yourself as a whole, radiant being. One who is worthy. One who belongs. One who comes into this world with a natural, inborn gift. You might engage in a commitment of self-care, knowing that this gift will only come through if you allow yourself the dignity of your own expression, your own desires and dreams, your own way of creating the world you’d like to see. Similarly, look out for the ways you seek external approval and validation. Can you love those moments too? Can you allow yourself to be shaped by them?