Full Moon in Aquarius - Calling All Change Agents

Full Moon in Aquarius : August 18th : 2:26am PDT

The call of aquarius is to envision the impossible, which often involves consciously transgressing upon the agreements that make up consensus reality in order to make way for something new. 

We all have a way of looking at the world that is unique, born of our own experiences and proclivities. All to often, we ‘tone down’ what is different about how we see/feel/dream in order to fit in. This full moon take a small risk to offer up, without need for external validation (that’s the tricky part), your uniquenesses. Let your freak flag fly! Stand in the shoes of the visionary in you, willing to risk not being understood in order to free the dream of tomorrow. And then, if it feels right, commit to hearing the view of another - really hearing it. Give that person, or that tree or rock or bird, the gift of their own autonomy, of their own rich experience. No one has to be right. Each view is a gift to the cultural tapestry.

The full moon is a moment in any creative cycle to make visible that which has been hidden, cooking away on the inside. When we share perspectives, and make space for others perspectives to truly reach us where it matters, we share worlds. This is a capacity that we are all called to develop at an alarming rate - our future as a species depends on it. The more can offer our own perspective (and know that it is worthy and sound), while simultaneously deeply listening to and receiving (being shaped by) the vision of another, the more we lean into a future that acknowledges the gifts of diversity.  

Calling all change agents, let’s do this.