Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Friday, September 16th : 12:05pm PDT

Full moons take place when the sun is opposite the moon. In astrological language, these moments are called oppositions. Oppositions indicate the greatest amount of tension possible in between two celestial forces - or in archetypal thinking, in between two aspects of ourselves. 

Many of you may notice this tension as it manifests in your body, your sleep patterns, or your sexual drive on the full moon. On a psychological level - and on the level of the soul - these tensions are crucibles that ask us to stand in the center of two opposing forces and be changed because of it. Offering ourselves to this tension requires surrender, trust, and a willingness to be vulnerable, and in doing so, they also give rise to a sense of fullness, radical growth, and profound power.

This full moon lands in Pisces - the sign of the dreamer, the mystic, the seeker, and the empath opposite the sun in Virgo.

The moon sheds the light of our conscious awareness on the one of us who is comfortable in the deep waters of union where the self disappears. You may notice you are more sensitive than usual, less able to determine the source of your own fluid emotions. You may also be called into seeing shadow aspects of Pisces - like a tendency to avoid confrontation or intensity, an inability to set boundaries, or a penchant for daydreaming instead of taking action. Opposite the sun in Virgo, the tension is to bring through the mists of Pisces the insights from the world of the mystic and offer them up in service. Virgo asks us to continue stewarding our life force energy carefully, and tending to the hearth fire of What Matters Most in daily, tangible ways. You may feel torn between checking out, and checking in - between dreaming, and taking concrete action.

This moon is also closely conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, indicating a potential opportunity for healing our relationship with the inner feminine. Perhaps there are traumas passed down through your matrilineal line that are surfacing now for you to see, feel, and ultimately alchemize, or maybe you find yourself overexerting your masculine in one life arena or another at the expense of your feminine. With Chiron close to the moon, you have the perfect opportunity to heal the wound and dream forward a truly harmonious dynamic between the solar and lunar forces within and around you. As the moon wanes, let yourself sacrifice - or make sacred - whatever is ready to be released.

This is all a part of the evolutionary crucible that your own wild growth engenders.  Lean in, allow insights to arise with great compassion. Let yourself be shaped. And as always, enjoy the deep dive!

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