New Moon In Libra

Romance The World

September 30th : 5:11pm PDT

We are who we are by nature of our relationships. True relationship asks everything of us; intimacy, vulnerability, radical honesty, authenticity - and through its alchemical crucible both parties are changed forever. 

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We are communal, tribal beings, and yet our idea of tribe and particularly of relationship remains very small; sequestered to a handful of human relationships and connections where these great shaping forces find their way through the crack in our amour of individuality, and enter into the inner sanctum of our hearts, despite our fear of change.

This new moon in the sign of Libra is a perfect opportunity to ritualize your intention to explore healthy relationship. And by relationship I mean intimacy - intimacy with your thoughts, actions, dreams…intimacy with your home, your planet, and your desires and fears. 

In archetypal thinking there is one of us who can be a guide into our own souls - the place of Mystery and possibility we hold within, and entering there we are changed irrevocably. The foundation to a vibrant relationship with an Other begins with our Inner Beloved - our very own guide to soul, our ideal mate. Following that guide may lead you on a journey that will ask everything of you, and may give you the world in return. Only this journey, where you come to know your own source of sovereignty, wholeness, and passion, will grant you that which you may be seeking (and never quite finding) in another.

The smallness by which the world views romance, love and otherness keeps many of us searching outside of ourselves for completeness and ecstasy - again and again and again.

It keeps us externalizing our love for our own possibility that courses through us, within us. And ultimately, by upholding the storied ideals of perfect outer union, we avoid the alchemy of the soul - waiting instead to be saved, recused, and completed by another - one who will never quite live up. 

So, this new moon, begin a cycle by saying yes to romance. Romance the world, get close to the desires that stir you into vulnerability, to the desire you have in knowing your own mystery and possibility. Romancing the world always opens us to the new, to change. We feel more deeply, feel more alive, and are at greater risk of unsettling our worldviews and our routines. There is nothing like intimacy to be dangerous to our egos in the right kind of way. 

Romance is change and change is romance. 

Coming to know our inner beloved requires following our allurements, our fears, and our desires into a place of intimacy with all we don't know about ourselves. This New Moon in Libra, let yourself fall in love again with the world, as lover. Take your Inner Beloved out on a date. Write yourself a love letter. Reflect on your idea mate, and get curious;

what of these qualities are aspects of myself that I long to come to know?

Want to know more about the Inner Beloved? Download September's edition of EROS where Lara Catone and I address a wound story that has become an epidemic in contemporary western culture : the fairy tale myth of being completed/rescued by the ideal mate. The ideal partner is one who is perfect in all ways, who knows magically, in every moment, how to satisfy your deepest longing. This externalization of our soul's desire to know itself is exacerbated by media messages and imagery, unimaginative relationship coaching, and a common fear of the call for intimacy from the darkest reaches of our inner world.

Coming to know our Inner Beloved is about saying YES to living a full, turned-on life. We are invited to follow our allurements, our fears, and our desires into a place of intimacy with all we don't know about ourselves. Here we are guided into the profound depths of our own souls, and into an experience of wholeness and completeness that IS the foundation for a healthy, satisfying, and ecstatic relationship with a truly wild Other.