Full Moon in Cancer

Be Touched by the World

Full Moon in Cancer : Thursday, January 12th : 3:35am PST


The moon finds herself in the sign of Cancer as she peaks full on Thursday. This placement makes available the deeper-than-surface needs we all have to belong to something greater than ourselves. The sign of Cancer embodies the one of us who seeks out and tends to our metaphorical home, driven by a deep vulnerability that is its central gift, and its primary challenge. Vulnerability is an asset when it keeps us open and receptive to the world, for being able to feel fully is what inspires us to take compassionate action. And yet when vulnerability overwhelms our system, it can give rise to feelings of victimhood, helplessness, codependency and blame.

With the sun opposite the moon in Capricorn, the one of us who creates healthy boundaries, builds structures, and anchors us into personal responsibility moves into sacred partnership with the one of us who remains open and touched by the world. These two opposites need each other, to both hold, and to open each other. The longing for Cancer to know its place of belonging, drives the Capricorn into constructive and generative action.

Both these zodiac signs - Cancer and Capricorn are yin signs, rooted in the deep mysteries of the archetypal feminine. They represent a spectrum of continuity that begins deep within ourselves and rises to meet the world in tangible ways. We all of our ways of knowing.

It’s only through uncovering the mysteries that lie within yourself on every level – emotionally, spiritually, physically - that you can become aware of your true place, and how to lean into the way you are called to participate while you’re here. 

This is why I’m so excited to invite you to join my friend and colleague Anahita Joon’s upcoming online series, The New Women’s Movement. She has gathered the leading experts in feminine empowerment to give you the tools you need to reach a new understanding of who you are and how you can change your life, the life of those you love and yes, even the world! 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Healing the Feminine Wound of Separation and coming into TRUE UNITY
  • Awakening the feminine power within you
  • Giving voice to your passions, and pursuing them
  • Aligning your values with your actions to become ALIGNED in your leadership
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine sides (This is a HUGE tool for massive success!)
  • Knowing your value and setting boundaries (This POWERFUL practice aligns you with the highest energy of the universe and super charges your ability to manifest your desires and goals.)

This lunar cycle encourages all us to get intimate with the parts of us that feel helpless, that would rather hunker down and wait for the tumult of our time to pass. As the sign of the archetypal feminine, the moon in Cancer wants to remind us that to feel deeply is a gift and a capability, rather than a liability. It’s time to learn to trust again the inner realms to build the world we long to see through our direct opening, and participation. Our time is now.