New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Re-Enchanting the World

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces | February 26th : 6:58 AM PST

In earth-based cultures, including those of all of our ancestors, the world was alive and en-souled. All things were honored as a diverse expression of God/Goddess/Great Mystery. All things had a role to play, and a gift to offer. This state consciousness permeated and enlivened the world; a world where all beings were available for relationship, and human kind were equal, participatory members in the Earth Community.

Our loss of connection with the greater web of life is directly related to the demotion of the deep imagination over time. Our imagination is a way of knowing that enables us to make contact with the dreaming of the earth - the deep intelligence of life, the depth of the world. 

The nature of the deep imagination is mysterious, and the result of being in contact with that mysterious force is our own becoming. 

This may be one good reason why it has become so difficult for most westerners to trust the flow of their deep imagery. It is too close to make-believe in a Cartesian world that objectifies and reduces all Mystery to the closest we can get to proof.

Our deep imagery is, by definition, not safe for the part of us that remains cut off from the network of relationships (seen and unseen) that have shaped us as a species. Its exile from our institutions and schools upholds the epidemic of conformity that confronts us now. Layers of resistance, concretized over years of socialization, stand in the way of trusting this source for the power it holds to enact change in our lives and in our world. 

As Diane Di Prima says; “the only war that matters in the war against the imagination.”

This new moon solar eclipse in Pisces is a beautiful threshold moment for each one one of us to call home the power of the imagination, and enter into the dreaming of all things. To see each being as ensouled and alive - to re-enchant our worlds, and re-sacralize our purpose, our professions, our relationships. 

Make no mistake, the exile of the imagination is a social justice issue. As Einstein has so famously said;

We can’t solve problems

by using the same kind of thinking we used

when we created them.

Pisces, the sign of the dreamer, the mystic, the ebbing and flowing oneness of life meets the sun in a solar eclipse, activating and enhancing our ability to dream at one with earth and sky. We have an opportunity to express our longing and love for immanent creativity, diversity, and wonder as it expresses itself in our world. And, through our imaginations, we can participate in the shaping of things, including our own development. 

Our task? To “pre-tend”. To stretch the boundaries of what we believe and perceive. To listen before we act, and pay attention to the magic that permeates our lives…to dream a new dream, one where the world, once again has a soul of its own.