Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Illuminate the World.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo : Friday, February 10th : 4:33 PM PST

On February 10th the sun, moon and earth align in such a way that the moon passes through the outer edge of the earth’s shadow veiling its light. Eclipses are always cyclic invitations for our own shadow to rise to the light of our awareness. In the sign of Leo this moon in particular is inviting us to look again at our own capacity for radical self-love, expression, creativity and sovereignty. 

Loving yourself is not an egoic act. It is a requirement on the journey to soul to grow roots into the bedrock of our being, to be able to stand and weather the storms of becoming.

Without healthy Leo, without our ability to truly love the mysterious presence of Self, we remain hungry for the approval of others, masking our deep longing to “be earth now” in the pursuit of external validation. (Rilke)

Unfortunately contemporary western society offers us little opportunity to cultivate this kind of self-love and respect for the creativity of life. Rather, we have been fed images of an unrealistic ideal in order to keep us dependent on the consumer machine…ready to seek outside ourselves at every turn for the quick-fix, the magic pill, the perfect pair of heels, and the training program that *may*, finally, complete us. Of course, it never does…

The shadow of Leo in our culture is perfectly modeled by President Trump. Reactive, narcissistic, and pathologically insecure. If it was the shadow of the United States that brought this current political situation to bear, the Leo full moon is asking each one of us; “can you be a leading player? What would it look like to be a creator in the times we live in? What may or may not change about the way you stand here now, if you had nothing to prove? Where, or in pursuit of what, have you been hiding?"

Shadow, by definition, is not the parts of ourselves we see and try to hide, but rather the aspects of Self that remain hidden to us. When energy emerges from the shadow and we see parts that may scare us, or change us, the tendency is to turn away. Leo, the Lion-Hearted, turns toward the gifts that have been hidden there - for good reason, and seeks to integrate all parts of the self with compassionate attention. Freed energy fuels creativity. Brave hearts, what are holding you back?

My suggestion this full moon? Get bundled up, head out into a wild place. Sit and listen and watch. See how all of creation is exactly who they were born to be. Let Gaia show you how diversity and uniqueness contribute never-before-seen gifts to the whole.

This is the deepest teaching of Leo. Our shining from wholeness illuminates the world.