New Moon in Aries

How to Love This World?

New Moon in Aries : Monday, March 27th : 7:57pm PST

Photo of Lara Catone of The Artemis School

Photo of Lara Catone of The Artemis School

With the Spring Equinox the wheel of the zodiac begins a new revolution of creative expression and cyclic unfolding. We too have an opportunity here to draw back the bow of our own personal in-tension and like Artemis, ride on the wave of desire to meet our destinies. It is the tension on the bow that generates the power to sail forth with grace and focus. Aries (ruled by the fiery and passionate planet Mars) reminds us that the path of becoming does require our participation.

This new moon you are invited to stew in the creative tension of your own longing to know yourself.

On the unfolding path of becoming this new moon might ask; who are you now? On what distant horizon is your arrow aimed?

The Aries moon encourages us to remember that the development of personal will is in the context of the web of relationships in which we are part. We are not isolated beings in a cold and sterile world - despite, at times how it may feel. We are inter-dependent, co-creative members of the Earth Community. And in that context, Mary Oliver says it best; “there is only one question, how to love this world?” 

Each one of us are tasked with answering that question - or rather, living into the question. 

May all our greatest explorations in personal will be in service to love - the wild love that shapes the world.