New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus - Wednesday, April 26th : 5:16 AM PST


Evidence of the seasons’ coming grandeur lights the tree tips with round, soft puffs of green and pink YES buds; near to brimming but yet gathered close and tight; milking the moments pleasure. The cacti, letting down their defenses, bloom defiantly!

Swooning hummingbirds buzz about drunk and giddy. The last to deny a good flowering. 

Around the corner in a wash luxuriates a red sand snake, tasting her way with her tender tongue, belly to the earth. She defies her his-torians in the great magnum opus that is her very body. Slithering the persecuted sahaja dance of arousal. “Come close. Feel your way. Touch the earth as you would your lover,” she says…

This new moon is an invitation to sink into pleasure, presence and passion. To pause for a moment, and feel, to move belly to the earth, with a soft touch. To evoke the Aphrodite of you who want to teach all of us about whole beauty - about our birthright to turn ourselves on, to live audaciously, to take up space, to offer our gifts as a feast for the earth. 

Taurus, zodiacal bull, is an ancient sign of the feminine; its curved horns like the crescent moon, its mass weighty and full, un-movable like the earth. The meadow it stands in is teeming with life. Nothing, nothing, can stand in the way of one who is anchored into the ecosystem of what matters most. Taurus teaches us about our values - which are expressed in direct proportion to where and how we spend our time and attention. These are the most precious commodities we have.

This new moon, the invitation is to value warm-blooded life enough to be present to it. In this moment the sun is touching your skin, and the air you breathe sings a song of flowering. 

Can you feel it?