Full Moon in Libra

True Beauty

Full Moon in Libra : April 10th 11:08PM PST

Like all full moons, this resplendent Libra moon illuminates the areas in our lives - and particularly our relationships - that have reached a zenith in their fullness. Simultaneously we are invited to notice not just the brilliance, but the shadow the light casts. 

Where in your intimate connections lies an invitation for consciousness? For beauty?

Libra is the sign represented by the scales, which go beyond equality and justice, to represent the beautiful, complex and precise harmony that can be reached when all parts of the whole sing together. 

Once, when I was out in the wilds of Wyoming wandering on the land I came across a moose skull. Out of the eye socket grew a stunning purple Pacific Aster. The juxtaposition of opposites - new life on a bed of death, reminded me of the true nature of beauty and balance. This kind of beauty is a recognition of all things in their true place. In the context of human relationship I am reminded by this Libra full moon, of all parts of me, in their wholeness, relating to all parts of you. And so beauty in relationship is to sing true - one voice in the duet. One duet in the choir.

Efficiency in complexity is beautiful because nothing is wasted.  No voice, no part of ourselves, hidden, covered, or quieted. If we hide our true voices, then they leak out sideways and our closest relationships suffer the loss first.

Can you acknowledge and give voice to the ones of you who know there is a more harmonious way to relate? Powerful, compassionate, true?

With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all in retrograde, we have an incredible opportunity to enjoy a sacred pause. To look within, rather than without. To find the harmony there in all the many voices of ourselves, and to notice how Mystery is inviting us to walk the beauty way - to sing our tune, and to give our partners the dignity of their own.