New Moon in Gemini

A Call to Cross-Pollinate

May 25th : New Moon in Gemini : 12:44pm PST

It is more important than ever to allow diverse perspectives into our being - to be shaped by the complexity and the uniquenesses of the world we share with one another. Gemini is the sign of the world-bridged, the communicator, the leaping one of us who can move freely from one world, to another. He is the one of us who pollinates each domain of our life with the gifts from another and when healthy and free to explore, the Gemini of us sings out from the chorus of life we each are a part of. 

With the moon in Gemini it becomes deeply nourishing for us to refresh ourselves with the winds of change. Change begins when we create space to allow the new in…a new way of seeing, dancing, and being in the world. You may find yourself to be more open, and curious…more hungry for your eyes to see anew. You may find yourself ready to not only hear the experience or perspective of another, but to allow it into your inner sanctum, to shift your view, to crack your armor, to plant a question that may shape you in the days to come.

Gemini, the twins has access to a kind of double vision. There is always more than one side to every story. Cultivating this double vision allows you to thrive in complexity and move beyond dualistic thinking; right or wrong.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. What gifts fly in on the wings of change in unexpected ways? Where in your life feels dull, stuck, stagnant, heavy or overburdened? 

This new moon in Gemini, let the boundaries between you, between one way of thinking and seeing, and another, blur. Let the Trickster of you shake it up and revel in the creativity that blooms from the new.