Full Moon in Scorpio | Lunar Beltane

Shadow Dance

Full Moon in Scorpio | Lunar Beltane : Wednesday May 10th 2:42pm PST

Wishing you unbridled love on this bright Scorpio moon - a moon that marks lunar Beltane. Opposite the sun in Taurus, this full moon bridges the divide between the live-giving and renewing qualities of spring, and the life-degenerating, dissolving qualities of the fall. 

The Taurus-Scorpio opposition continues to invite us into a deepened understanding of both life and death - both what is seen and celebrated on the outside, and the underlying intentions, motivations, and pursuits that hide within. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus; the one of us that invites us into presence and pleasure in the moment. The one who renews and enhances life as in the spring. Scorpio is the sign that invites us each into the depths of ourselves and of the world. Scorpio's gifts as a guide are in the reflective, inward qualities of the water element that seek intimacy with what-is - both the joyful, and the difficult. Ruled by Pluto - the lord of the underworld, Scorpio always offers us an opportunity to be changed in some lasting, alchemical way.

The more present we are to the fullness of life's invitations, the more deeply we are shaped by them.

Full moons are times when the shadowy parts of our psyche are illuminated to the fullness of our conscious selves (the sun). This full moon in Scorpio wants each of us to explore what remains hidden from the world of the waking. What quiet motivations shape the way you stand here? What dis-ease do you find yourself glossing over with the glamour of spring? How does the pursuit of pleasure and connection beckon you toward some kind of initiation? What is dying in your life even as the new is birthing? It's time to go deep, to get close and cozy with the transformer of you. Doing so, Scorpio says, will usher you into your own radical and audacious springtime blooming.