New Moon in Cancer - Midsummer

The Peak of Light, the Heart of Darkness

Cancer New Moon : 6/23/17 : 7:32pm PST

A deep, love-filled, golden blessing to each of you as the solar light wanes just after Midsummer.

This time of year inspires us into contemplating what in our lives is maturing. We are no longer the individually-oriented, reckless youth, out for our own learning, but rather we turn to the collective, to tending to others in service, or in tending to our projects. 

Midsummer invites us into taking personal responsibility for the world we want to see, within and without. The bright summer light illuminates places that were hidden and in shadow, and here, when resources are plentiful, we have the opportunity to really take a look. 

The solar force in our lives is directive, projective, and goal oriented. At this seasonal threshold, we have access to an abundance of energy and a heightened dedication to drive forward. We do so inspired to serve ourselves and others in ways that are generative, full of love, and care. 

With the mirror of the sacred union, where the love of the God and Goddess fertilize the land with beauty and bounty, we too can feel into our own capacity to begin healthy relationship with the one of us who is active and creative and the one of us who feels deeply and nurtures. To be in our wholeness here is important as so many of us fall into co-dependency when we believe on some level that we are incomplete - we have to watch that our purpose is not defined by giving ourselves away to another. 

Cancer love is a kind of fierce love. A love that protects, nurtures, and remains true to her wholeness. In this way, our inner landscape can thrive and bloom too. We gain lasting resources in our inner world that flood our service projects, and goals. May it be so on this new moon…