Mother Tongue is a Journey to the Heart of Wildly Intelligent Leadership

It is for YOU. You wild ones, you quick-witted ones, you sacred activists, you who dare to dream of a world where soul thrives equally in the arts and in the boardroom. It is for you who longs to trust the noble truths that rise up from under, ready to set the world on fire with passion and purpose.


Mother Tongue is for you Leaders and Change-Agents:

You who know that the way you stand here, matters - especially when when no one is watching; you who remembers that knowledge is only wisdom if it is lived, and magic is as real as our willingness to be shaped by it.

Mother Tongue is a program designed to launch you off into the magical and mysterious terrain of earth-based leadership.

It responds to three central desires; to be fully co-creative in our lives, to commune deeply with the rhythms of the earth, and to cultivate trust in our own lived wisdom so that we can lead from a place of belonging, connection, and instinct into a thriving future for all. 

What is Earth-Based Leadership?

Earth Based Leadership is a way of moving in the world that deeply recognizes the interconnectedness of all of life. It maintains the fundamental knowing that everything is intelligent and alive, and by apprenticing to the rhythms of the earth, sun and moon, we re-member our own deeply instinctual wisdom. It offers us the bone-deep knowing of our ultimate place, our gifts and our dreams that are about much more than our own individual lives. In a world of complexity and rapid change, with the environment pushed to extremes, and our species increasing interconnectedness, we're called to model a new way of living and leading. Earth-Based Leadership is about responding to that call.

You are the one we've been waiting for.


Mother Tongue is part pilgrimage to soul, and part leadership training.

It is designed to be intelligent, pragmatic, inspiring, and clear. It is designed to offer you the tools you need to take your place as an Earth-Based Leader. As you deepen into the experience, you will;


Cultivate intimacy and connectedness with the rhythms of the Earth, Sun and Moon through tools, maps, guides and practices grounded in Elemental Magic, Lunar Wisdom, Solar Seasonal Rhythms, Archetypal Thinking and Leading, and Nature Experiences and Practices.  

Walk with practical tools and applications for taking inspired, earth-based leadership into your offerings in a way that all your participants can understand - regardless of the demographic.

Gain greater courage, confidence, and trust in your creativity and your voice - no more playing small

Experience a sense of belonging and support and know (once and for all) you are not in it alone

Unveil hidden depths - in yourself and in the world

Free stuck energy in apprenticeship to nature’s cycles

Restore your vitality

Cultivate your ability to perceive possibility and think outside the box

Empower creative action in your life and your work - we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

Begin to trust your instinct, lean into your gifts and LEAD effectively, creatively, and in rhythm with the greater whole.


HOW? Mother Tongue is not a workshop, but an invitation into an experience. 

When you register for Mother Tongue, you register for a year of living in rhythm in community with other wild professionals. We believe the way in to real, embodied, felt wisdom is to grow it from root to flower. Here's how it works:

The practices and teachings are organized into beautiful, clear, downloadable manuals that act as your course guidebooks (five total) complete with practices, leadership tips, and earth wisdom:

Setting Forth

North - Earth - Midnight - New Moon

East - Air - Dawn - Waxing Moon

South - Fire - Midday - Full Moon

West - Water - Twilight - Waning Moon

Each guidebook contains the following:

Learn Button.jpg

Learn - These sections are packed with all you need to know on the rhythms of the earth, sun, and moon. They contain original content written clearly with depth for the beginner and the expert. I pull from depth and developmental psychology, ecology, and pan-cultural wisdom traditions for this work.

Live Button.jpg

Live - This section is where you get to live into your own experience. There are practices, questions, wild activities, recipes, visualizations and more that all seek to catalyze your own lived experience. Remember, There is a difference between knowing something and knowing how it feels.

Lead Button.jpg

Lead - These sections take what you’ve learned  and ground it into applicable ways to bring that wisdom and your own experience into leadership - useful for the cultivation of a lived practice that will invite you into a more centered place in your leadership.


Then, on the new moon of the each month you will receive a direct email that includes a new PDF practice guide for one year that will contain a combination of:

Seasonal Suggestions for Deepening and Embodiment

Wild Wander Nature Practices

Leadership Guidance

Writing and Journaling Prompts

Clear, Applicable Maps of the Cycles

Archetypal/Imaginative Exploration for Cultivating Inner Resources as a Leader


Option to Join us at Wild Gatherings for like-minded professionals (Additional Fee)



Mother Tongue is effective because it is designed to deepen you through four gateways of learning:

“Traditionally the maturity of the self develops through three stages—from ego to social self, and from social self to metaphysical self. In this conception of the process nature—our home, our immediate environment, where we belong as children—is largely ignored. I therefore tentatively introduce the concept of an ecological self.

We may be in, of and for nature from our very beginning. Society and human relations are important, but our self is richer in its constitutive relations. These relations are not only relations we have with humans and the human community, but with the larger community of all living beings.”
— Joanna Macy
North Button.jpg

North - Earth - Midnight - Moon Dark

We begin at the root, in the depths of our being, wiggling our toes in the rich soil of the soul. We begin in the dark where we must again trust the rhythms of psyche and earth. We feel into an awareness of ways we may stay small and hidden, to foster a felt sense of wholeness and internal strength, to provide tools for self-healing, and to call us - as women in leadership - back into a wider, wilder belonging.



East Button.jpg

East - Air - Dawn - Waxing Moon

The dawn comes, the wind picks up, the moon waxes toward full. Here we stand at the beginning, facing the horizon of our own becoming with inspiration, and curiosity. Here we cultivate wonder and open ourselves to feel the world through the living presence of our bodies. Here we see the biggest possible pattern for our lives - and the ways we are connected to everyone, and everything else. We track our growth with compassion and the lighthearted wisdom of the crone and the innocent.


South Button.jpg

South - Fire - Midday - Full Moon

We turn toward the full, life-giving power of the sun, and the heat in our belly grows. We tend here to the central fire of our being - and feed its flames through our passion, pleasure and desire for a full, generative life. We know here that to feel fully, and to be alive, is to feel deeply, and so pick up the threads of marginalized capacities to know through our emotions and lead from a place of personal brilliance. 



West Button.jpg

West - Water - Twilight - Waning Moon

The West, the twilight of eventide, and the setting sun, the exhale of the moon is the place of s. Soul is a living, breathing, untamable path of becoming. When we enter into the terrain of soul and begin to live from those images, mysterious though they are, many things get clear and certain choices in our lives become simplified. Though the path we take is unknown, it is fully ours to take, and in doing so we serve the whole in ways we couldn’t have planned alone.

I get it. You are a leader and you’re busy. You’re not so good at online stuff. I’m the same way, and have designed Mother Tongue to account for that. All you have to do is set aside just TWO HOURS each month;. time for you, as a leader, to replenish, and re-inspire in a hands-on, exciting way.

Want to go deep? I draw on my years as a facilitator and educator, and from my extensive training in depth and developmental psychology, emerging leadership, traditional wisdom, archetypal astrology, mythology and ecology.
— Laura

It's worth asking...

How Are You Called to Lead?

In What Way Does the Voice of the Earth Move Through You?

Mother Tongue | Leadership & Seasons of the Soul
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What Others are Saying:

Mother Tongue was more than I ever could have imagined. Laura’s offering is so potent! She is rich, inspiring and such a powerful force of earth wisdom. She over delivers every-single-thing and shares coursework that I’ll use for lifetimes to come. I feel truly honored and am so grateful to have had this experience with this scholar and wise woman, and with all of the participants on this course. I feel so supported and seen. I’ve risen to another level, awoken to another layer of untamed genius, and feel even more aligned with my purpose and power. I recommend this course for anyone hearing the call, even if it’s almost undetectable, and to those looking to strengthen and creatively refine their intuitive leadership on this holy planet.
— Tanya Markul, creator of &
In the few short months I’ve been participating I can already feel profound change happening. Aligning with the rhythms of nature makes me feel deeply connected in a way I’ve never experienced before. This magical course is providing scaffolding for me to grow into the activist the world needs me to be. Thank you Laura!
— Annie, Bend Oregon
I’ve always wanted to be and effective leader who inspires and empowers others, but felt there was a missing element in the traditional business management approach. What I was really looking for, was a way to connect deeply with myself, with others, and with the earth herself, to live and lead from a deeper place in a way that would benefit the whole, not just increase a bottom line or get more tasks accomplished. Mother Tongue has become a vital resource that I continually draw from to re-oreint myself to what matters most; to learn how to live in rhythm with the solar seasons and in harmony with the cycles of the moon, find inspiration for my yoga classes and blog articles, and learn practical tools to live a more integrated and soulful life. This program provides access to ancient earth wisdom and enlivening teachings that are so needed in this soul-parched day and age. I recommend it for anyone who wants to reclaim their innate power to heal and create change, on a personal, cultural and global level.
— Chantal Russell, Bowen Island, BC Studio Owner, Entrepreneur, Writer
Laura’s teachings speak right into my heart. With authenticity, humility and beauty she shares her deepest calling, to help all of us re-connect to our own rhythm, the rhythm of the Earth.

The material included in Mother Tongue is like a dream, so extensive and I know I will come back to it again and again for years to come.

Going on this quest for a whole year means I’m giving myself time to really dig in deep. It also means I get to share this journey with others and I’m getting to know amazing co-questers. It is truly the best gift to myself.
— Nadia Rabit
Mother Tongue | Leadership & Seasons of the Soul
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