A Call for Community

I believe myself capable of great things.

The words, haphazardly scrawled, are tacked above my desk in resolute response to the little voice that says daily; but what if you’re not? 

And again, written larger; “I believe we are capable of great things,” posted in the communal dining space of my home, The Center Collective in San Francisco; a sprawling four-story converted rectory in the lower Haight. A place where twenty-three residents, eighteen bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two cats, and a multitude of imaginations hold one grand vision: to radically engage in community for personal, spiritual and social transformation.

We are deep into the year of the dragon and all around the intensity of the collective pushes forward to a new age.  The pieces and parts, the far-flung shades of life that make our hearts beat faster are starting to coalesce direct to source. We are being called into realization with great urgency and extraordinary beauty... and oftentimes not without difficulty. 

As products of our highly competitive and specialized society, with all its ladders and ceilings, neat compartments, titles, and categories, to remain in an expanded state can feel like swimming upstream. But at The Center, and indeed, in many such communities of people - in the honest yoga of relationship - the impulse leans towards connection in service of expansion, communication in service of shared experience, collaboration in service of celebrated individual expression. The time to recognize the power of community is here again. Not as some romanticized renaissance from times past, but as a necessarily new and innovative response to life as it is offering itself to us.

This past week as I returned exhausted and spent from months of vigorous travel, I came home to camaraderie. I saw myself only as strong as all of us together, and the little voice that often says, close, but not close enough, entered into the fire of together-ness and became arrival.

I believe myself capable of great things. Some days it feels as if I can’t do it alone. It is nice to know I don’t have to.

- Shakti Sunfire

May 5, 2012

Written for Origin Magazine.