Manifesto Movement of May.

Beltane Blessings to you and yours,

This month of May is a very special time. The blossoming of spring pulls us into great reverence for the cyclical, and very beautiful, nature of things. In the Tantric tradition we are asked to step into participation. To really contemplate and turn inward and to use our voices, our bodies, our gifts and our practices to further the evolution of connection and mindfulness on this earth. One of my best friends and arguably my biggest influence, Sianna Sherman, has created "The Manifesto Movement of May," where we are invited to use our voices to speak our truths. The following is my manifesto, my deepest wellspring of inspiration and remembrence. I invite you to create yours, to share it, to speak it, to make it so... and to join the Movement.

I believe in worlds we cannot see. 

The domains of spirit; where truth of heart reigns over landscapes of sunlight and ebony. I believe in deep primal creativity, imagination and wonder that move without agenda into forms of individuality, beauty and art. I believe in the power of matrika - of words, the potency of truth, the guru of introspection, and the yoga of understanding. I believe in world traditions that whisper empowerment and scream participation. I believe in the power to choose which is the power to create, not as victim, but as warrior.

I believe in worlds we can see. 

In the lessons of the seasons, the alchemy of elements, the geometries of plants and the all majesty of the natural world. I believe in my loved ones and in all the ways they show up. I believe in the potency of connection, the guru of community and the yoga of relationship. I believe in good food, great practices and grand adventure. 

I believe that radical engagement with both the seen and unseen brings the human story back to meaningfulness. More than anything, I believe in that.

May we all dive into the deep delight of our life's manifesto, our purpose, and our passion with great dignity.

Big Love,
Shakti, May 8, 2012