Why Not?

Why Not?



Like tips of toes

Dipping into cool, clear water

Testing tentatively

the flow.


The quickening current

carves passageways,

that liquid light fills

And Risk says;

“Come on in, the water is nice.”


To be vulnerable is to live at the raw edge

Amongst the reeds, reaching into river muck,

One slip down the slope to total 



The question is not if, but when.


Spiraling, whirling sea foam froth

Spins the story of the universe

on my bank. 

And I smile like the sun smiles as he passes sister moon.


With secret knowing.


These things we don’t plan

Stirring red-tail Kundalini Shakti,

We. Are. Asked. 

So let go. 


To live in love is to feel deeply,

the effulgence of all 


The helplessness of your one I

Merging the magnitude of a greater 




Like churning effortless

Invites a slip 

Clinging reeds let go at last

sucked into the wake of unfolding



The question is not why now, but why not?

PoetryLaura Blakeman