On Creativity

Greetings Great Friends,

In San Francisco when the rains come they come steady. A drizzly wet dampness that shrouds the city in hues of grey and silver and sends you indoors, huddled close to a space heater on a lamb's wool rug to contemplate. Well - that's me at least. The subject of my mental wanderings lately has revolved around creativity. Specifically on the where that word is most often applied and how even the smallest semantic distinction can turn an ally into a limitation, a wild freedom into a soggy box. 

There is a lot of rapid change happening in the world right now. Much of that change is centered around the re-organization, or even dissolution of, what we have considered to be 'conventional business structure' up until this point. We see this in big business as companies struggle to restructure in an effort to stay relevant as people like you and me place themselves on Wall street to have a say. We see this happening in the yoga world and the dance world too as newer companies are coming up against the demands of the people for 'open source' information, as they battle ethical questions of trademarking and copy righting ideas, processes and ways of speaking. In most cases what I see is the careful tread of an already worn and crumbling road.It is said the age of participation is here, but I'd argue that what we need now is a new way of thinking about ourselves as creative beings. A lesson in our own unique, necessary, and innate creativity that will design and empower the new instead of following the old.

John O'Donohue says; "we are all meant to be creators. Creativity is always happening." Not just to the fine artist or the wacky person in thick-rimmed glasses down the hall. I believe there is no such thing as a “creative person”, only one who is uninhibited in their expression, only one who has had the good grace to be empowered - whether from the outside in, or inside out, to validate their unusual, and often socially challenged thoughts and ideas.

On the stands right now is the new Yoga Journal, the issue on 'Creativity'. I was asked when interviewed for it, 'what is your creative process?' Process? Far more interesting to me than process is permission. I give myself permission to express spontaneously and freely without judgment. I remove the label and recycle the box. As the world shifts and sighs and moves slowly towards restructuring, my project is to apply the same degree of creativity that I would use to choreograph a dance piece to the running of my business, the dynamics of my relationships, the routinization of my day. This is my challenge for you too.  

As the fog clears and spring comes around again, fresh, new, without restraint, may we pull from Nature's abundance a great permission for our lives, our dance, our practice. May we toss out the categorization of our creativity and delight in the freedom. And may we stay at the frontier of this conversation with reverence for the discoveries along the way.

Springtime blessings to you and yours, let us celebrate the new,

xo Shakti

March 27, 2012

"It’s not the strongest that survive, but the ones who embrace change." - Darwin