Leaders, You Inspire Me.

Leaders, you inspire me. 

You inspire me so much it is a shattering. I am shaped by your vision, your dedication, your service, your crazy ideas, and that wily way you have of rebirthing yourself, over, and over, and over. 

You inspire me in the way you lead from the future, and carry your gifts with humility and reverence. The way you hold, with unerring tenacity, your vision of a world of mutual thriving, and unhinged love; where communion and mutual respect with all of life is a guiding value we all hold dear. 

I see you working so hard in your lives, your families, your businesses. Every day you wake up with hope, and creativity and passion in your wild heart and a longing to give it all away. Each move you make you wonder; is this what is best, what is true? Is this what is worth fighting for? Is this all there is? 

You hold yourself accountable to the vows you have made - be them silent, or out-loud, and sometimes that promise asks of you more than you think you have to give. You mess up all the time…and start again.

You let beauty rule, that I see. Not superficial beauty, but bone-deep beauty - the kind of beauty that is not always lovely, that emerges from wholeness and kindness, and a recognition that both light and dark need be here now. 

You are intelligent, and well-informed. Your mind is sharp, but that won’t keep you from a messy howl, a wracking grief-wail, a torrent of unleashed holy rage, a bone-shaking belly laugh.

You make growth a priority, no matter how uncomfortable. You demand it of yourself and you wish it for the world.  You have joined a movement of like-minded women who are called here now to re-member the sacred. To bring soul back into our professions, our relationships, our businesses, our institutions. You resource from Mother Earth, and dedicate your work back to her. You are learning to listen to her voice…to let it come through you - to let it tumble pell mell into the corporate office, behind the lens of your camera, into the words on your page.

In doing so, at one point or another, you have been marginalized for your views. I meet you here now, in the forest of the possible. We lock eyes for a moment and exchange a knowing glance. There is work to be done.  Later, over a glass of wine, we may laugh at ourselves and remind each other, that life is as much mundane as it is sacred. Both are welcome, co-existing. I am inspired by your realness. Your grounded wisdom. Your sense of humor.

You are drawn to what remains hidden. To the Mysteries, to the unknown, and you are learning to be mastered by that fierce and benign paradox. Questions are as juicy - or juicier - than any answers you could be given. You know there is more to this world than meets the eye. You have had experiences in your life that have taught you; magic is real.

Now that you know, the knowing can’t be unknown, so you follow the thread of your longing and your fear on the path of no-path, offering yourself up in service, in the only way you how. 

At the end of day all you really want is to give yourself fully. Completely. Authentically. Soulfully.

Leaders, you inspire me. 

I thought I would let you know.

Laura BlakemanComment