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The Great Inward Turn of 2013.

The night was heavy with heat and moisture alleviated only by the faint whisper of wind snaking off the Caribbean. The water so blue it illumined turquoise even at night. Even when juxtaposed against an onyx sky, as if the water itself held a light source independent of any celestial body. The breeze was nice. As were the impossible quantity of stars, spattered pell mell, well concealing their genius patterns and whirls. The notes of my flute took flight to meet the rhythm of each incoming wave, and then disappeared as offerings for all things on their journey toward the closing of the cycle. The closing and then the entry into the number 13, the space between the breaths, the death and suspension of one to be shed and reborn like a serpent; more powerful, more alive, more free than ever.

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The Power of Letting Go. How Creativity Serves Our Destiny.

I just finished the book, “Sex at Dawn”. Easily, in my opinion, of the most influential and socially-inquisitive anthropological works of our time. It’s a study of the evolution of human sexuality from pre-history to today that states we as a species have un-necessarily and quite falsely placed ourselves in a box of universal monogamy as the key to successful relationship. I know what you’re thinking...another book about polyamory. Another hippie-dippy summer of love symposium of an experiment we all know went array a long time ago. As a fellow cynic I assure you, it’s worth the read...if nothing else then for the jarring question; are we living in a rigid, socially constructed idea of relationship that just may be creating the dis-ease? Are we holding so tightly to our history that we can’t possibly make room for the present? Are we living in fear and shame behind the scenes (monumental divorce rates, adulteries, and broken families) only to plaster a smile on our faces and laugh together during “Desperate Housewives”?

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A Song to the Earth.

When I was 9 years old my family took a road trip to Mesa Verde National Park. A stunning cliff-side topography of desert hues, all reds and oranges littered with surprising smatterings of sage greens that held the homes of our ancestors in yawning abyss. I stood there, against and part of that backdrop in all my 9-year old wonder until an overwhelming emotion brought me to my knees and broke me open, my cries echoing off canyon walls. I faced a mirror of the Majesty of Mother Earth so powerful, so potent, so ineffable it felt as if the very coding of my soul shifted in bittersweet pain of memory not of this lifetime, but of times past. I have since referred to that moment as one of the more pivotal times of my childhood, my first profound, mystical experience... my first Soul Song to the Earth. 

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