Becoming Fully Human

It is without question that we live in a wild time of shifting paradigms. Our future, and our ability to thrive is at stake. Long severed from our True Place as pivotal members of the Earth Community we suffer malformed or only partly formed Ways of Being in the world when in fact we were born to flower and make beauty in reciprocity with all of life.

Nature-based soul work is an invitation to discover and inhabit our Place in the greater ecosystem. Together, we make the assumption that each person is shaped by Mystery to be exactly who they are, and that being so will not only serve the individual in their lives, relationships and careers, but will ultimately serve the Earth Community.

Why Nature-Based?

Despite our being taught otherwise, we are nature, and the wisdom of the wild flows through us. In fact, here we go so far as to believe that we are meant to develop and grow in the context of our Wild Earth. A human who has awakened to her kinship with the Earth as an animate, autonomous being, is one who has access to and is able to embody the forces of nature Herself. These forces are both an inner and outer resource for her, and an ongoing participatory communion with the great creative project of our time.

Practices and Tools for the Journey

    •    Council Work - Sharing and Listening

    •    Re-discovery of your blood lineage's Ancestral Wisdom 

    •    Welcoming home the imagination as a primary Way of Knowing

    •    Developing and refining your intuitive sense

    •    Relationship building and cultivation with your guides and archetypes

    •    Self Designed Ceremony

    •    Opportunities for personal practices out on the Land

    •    Tracking and aligning to the Rhythms of the Sun and the Moon

    •    Embodiment and Meditative Practices

    •    Astrological Support and Insight

    •    Dream Tracking and Journaling

I Currently Offer this Work in the Following Formats:

The Red Thread online and live mentorship and sisterhood circle for soul discovery, wild wisdom, empowerment, leadership, authenticity and wellness.

The Red Thread - A Women's Sisterhood Journey

The Red Thread is an experiential, intimate, and nature-based journey designed for women of all ages and backgrounds that draws on the wisdom of the earth to lay the map for psycho-spiritual wholeness. Tracking this thread - the thread of life, responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to know ourselves and our place outside of social conditioning, to celebrate the many voices of the feminine within, and to stand inside our sovereignty so that our gifts may come through fully in the spirit of cultural artistry.

This journey is a shared one. There are spaces for 13 sisters to come together and support each other along the way. There will be group video calls, recorded teaching and meditation calls, and personal one-on-one mentorship calls where we’ll explore where you are on your particular journey through dialogue, dreams, astrology and other self-reflective, and intuitive practices. As your guide and your sister, it is my intention to mirror to you what I see in compassionate, and loving awareness, and offer you tools, practices, ceremony ideas, and nature-based tasks to help you deepen and blossom into your work as it makes itself known to you.

Live events with Laura Larriva Page of The Rhythm Way. Wild Woman gatherings, retreats, hawaii hoop dance and more.

Nature-Based In-Person Immersions and Gatherings

The most potent and irrevocable way IN is being together exploring the Mysteries of soul in wild environments. These gatherings take place all over the world both in camping and retreat spaces with others who are looking to immerse themselves in a multi-day ceremony. 

The next in-person event is the Waking the Wild Woman Gathering that will be held at Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana over summer solstice co-hosted with Sarah-Durham Wilson of DO IT GIRL.

Archetypal astrology readings with Laura Larriva Page of The Rhythm Way. Soul based astrology.

Soul-Based Astrology Readings

The Moon Phases and Astrological positions are one of many cyclic maps that reflect aspects of our inner and outer world. Soul-based Astrology readings can help to identify both the innate tools we have available to us as we walk our path of self-discovery, and various shadow aspects - challenges, tensions, and hidden opportunities - that when identified can help us root into who we are and what we’re here to offer.

You will leave a session with specific tasks to engage with on the land on your own time, in order to deepen your understanding of Where You Are Now.

Request a Personal Mentorship Session or Series

I am available for private mentorship with a minimum of three sessions to begin. I work on a sliding pricing scale of $108 - $160 per session. The intention of these sessions is to help you get closer to the central conversation you are called to have with the world, and to help you gain resources and tools to follow your Thread. All sessions will involve you doing your own nature-based discovery work at home on your own time and I will help you stay accountable to that radical act of self-love.

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