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The Red Thread Wild Gathering

We Live in a Wild Time...

A time where the shadows of modernity leave many of us feeling isolated and overwhelmed. And yet, just under the surface grows an almost unbearable longing for another way to live. The Red Thread Wild Gathering is an experiential, nature-based journey for women who are called to live and lead from the deep feminine. 


The Red Thread is for facilitators, coaches, healers, ceremonialists, change-makers, sacred activists, instructors, teachers, guides, creatives, and switched on leaders ready to make an impact through their presence, their passion, and their prayer.


This is for women who know that to catalyze change outside ourselves asks us to dive deeply within - to come to know through experience, your unique gift that flows into the world as the living waters of soul -  as nourishment for our time, place and people.


This is for women who know we are who we are by nature of our relationship with everyone else - both human, and other-than-human. We grow and give within our webs of impact and significance.

Registration includes lodging (indoor or camping). Meals will be shared. Travel not included. Fee total : $500. REGISTER HERE.