Practices and Tools for the Journey

Council Work - Sharing and Listening

Expressive Arts

Drum and Percussion circles/rhythms

Relationship building and cultivation with your guides and archetypes

Creative Ritual

Opportunities for Personal Practices out on the Land

Embodiment and Meditative Practices

Astrological Support and Insight

Dream Tracking and Journaling

Women's leadership exploration

Personal guidance for where you are now

The Red Thread Sisterhood Network responds to the epidemic of isolation and separation in our lives.

This platform houses all of our content in a clear, very user-friendly way, while providing the invisible web of connection that we all long for as we set out on this path. Some of the features of this platform include:

Easy login with Facebook and Linkedin

A mobile app

Live chat and direct message participants

Search for members who live near you

Be witnessed in the act of becoming visible

Moderation and connection daily with Laura