Request a Personal Mentorship Session or Series

I am available for private mentorship with a minimum of three sessions to begin. I work on a sliding pricing scale of $108 - $160 per session. The intention of these sessions is to help you get closer to the central conversation you are called to have with the world, and to help you gain resources and tools to follow your Thread. All sessions will involve you doing your own nature-based discovery work at home on your own time and I will help you stay accountable to that radical act of self-love.

Practices and Tools for the Journey

  • Council Work - Sharing and Listening
  • Welcoming home the imagination as a primary Way of Knowing
  • Developing and refining your intuitive sense
  • Relationship building and cultivation with your guides and archetypes
  • Self Designed Ceremony
  • Opportunities for personal practices out on the Land
  • Tracking and aligning to the Rhythms of the Sun and the Moon
  • Embodiment and Meditative Practices
  • Astrological Support and Insight
  • Dream Tracking and Journaling
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