The Lunar Cycle & The Creative Journey

The Lunar Cycle & The Creative Journey


In This Course We Will Explore :

  • The 8 lunar phases and the expression they bring through
  • The archetypal qualities of each phase and its primary tasks as related to creativity
  • What is creativity and how is it regarded in our modern world?
    • At what cost?
  • Self identify where on the cycle we get stuck or hang out. Again, at what cost?
  • Develop a sense of psychological wholeness and creative sustainability as mirrored to us by the lunar cycle
  • Learn to participate fully with the whole cycle - find balance
  • Walk with specific practices to apprentice to the parts of the cycle we are less familiar with.

Total Running Time : 3 hrs

What's Included :

  • A download link to a two-part, 3 hour video with slides
  • Home play exercises and practice suggestions
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