June 30th - July 2nd : 1440 Multiversity

Santa Cruz, CA

Are you ready to dance, have fun, commune with nature, and let down the walls that keep you from experiencing a more meaningful connection to life?

For thousands of years human beings have joined together in ceremony, dance, and play to unveil life’s deeper meaning. These initiatory experiences call on the wisdom of the whole human being through our four primary gateways of knowing: body wisdom, emotional intelligence, raw imagination, and deep mind.

Join Laura a journey of self-discovery as you access powerful new resources and experience:

  • Body-centered practices, such as ecstatic dance, and gentle yoga flow
  • The power of ritual and ceremony
  • Ancient wisdom teachings relevant to modern lives
  • Radical authenticity through somatic, emotional, imagination-based, and intellectual ways of knowing
  • A deepening relationship with the natural world.

You will enjoy freedom from life-as-usual and invite your authentic self to fully emerge, coming to deeply understand why full participation in your life is particularly important to the world at this time. Come ready for total renewal and prepared to move, connect, laugh, enjoy, and come home to yourself in a way that is whole, meaningful, and wildly resourceful.

Feathered Pipe Ranch : August 19 - 26th, 2017

Imagine for one moment that the way in which you participate on this Earth matters.

Imagine that through your movement, your deep imagination, your craft, and your prayers you enter into an active dialogue with what Thomas Berry calls “The Dream of the Earth,” that invites you to call home human capabilities that are our birthright and our return from cultural exile.

These capabilities include seeing the world as animate, alive, and available for intimacy — an intimate exchange from one soul to another to remind us of our own interiority, depth, and purpose. Imagine that what you see in your imagination, what you feel in your gut, and what you experience through the wisdom of your body is true, and that by leaning in to your longings and desires you participate in the great creative project of our time in the way you were uniquely designed to.

Join Laura Larriva Page at Feathered Pipe Ranch for an intimate, relaxing and inspiring exploration of the soul’s terrain. Soul refers to the unique gift we each carry, that is needed here now at this crucial time of planetary distress and change. Together we make the fundamental assumption that each individual is shaped by Mystery to be exactly who they are, and that being so will not only serve the individual in their lives, relationships and careers, but will ultimately serve the Earth Community.

Over the course of the week we will explore all four gateways of knowing, diving into the wisdom of our body, our emotional intelligence, our deep imaginations, and our heart-centered thinking.

Weaving movement, discussion and council, expressive arts, rhythm and play, personal ceremony, and time out on the sacred land, we’ll draw on the collective wisdom we each hold to explore the myriad of ways life calls to us to ’make ourselves delicious;’ to be who we are here to be, and to offer ourselves and our gifts as a feast for the world.

Join us to:

  • Develop personal, pragmatic and useful inner resources that you can take into your everyday world.
  • Gain a different understanding of the power of your imagination, dream, symbol and archetype that will enrich your world
  • Be moved by the poignancy of the human experience
  • Expand your view of yourself and your purpose
  • Take time out of the stress of your daily life for deep, lasting renewal, inspiration, awe, and wonder.
  • Catalyze an intimate connection with the anima mundi – the soul of the world that can dissolve a sense of separation and loneliness.
  • Play, laugh, and express yourself through dance and expressive arts.
  • Connect with others who are inspired to live meaningful lives
  • Find the gifts in challenge, crisis, and shadow.
  • Spend significant time outside on the land – reset, re-inspire, and discover the way humans have long been in relationship to the earth.

Cultivating the Art of Participation in a Time of Global Complexity

Calling all social artists, change-agents, earth stewards and visionaries; this is an ongoing invitation for you to join your wider Earth community in participating, tracking, and being shaped by the challenges of our time - both individual and collective. 

These monthly gatherings are designed to encourage each of us to lean in, to share our griefs, our praise, and our prayers for all that is happening in the world, to gain true intimacy with the wild land that is our home here in Los Angeles, and to tend to our sense of place. Each of us will, inevitably, be shaped the quality of our connection with each other, and with our home.

I don’t believe I need to go too deep into why this kind of participation matters right now at the planetary crucible we find ourselves in…there are too many examples of profound systemic breakdown, and staggering opportunity to be a part of generative change.

Through our time together we will cultivate a capacity to really hear each other through the ears of our hearts, to be romanced by the world, be held accountable to mystery’s call, and to learn to listen deeply to Gaia.

Dates for 2017 (subject to change):











Where : Temescal Gateway Park - Pacific Palisades


Note : there is a daily parking fee. Uber and carpool recommended and/or bring cash for parking.

When : 1 - 3ishpm PST

Please note council is a ceremony and best to be held in a strong container. Please do not arrive late, or trickle in. Meet in the parking lot promptly at 1pm! 

What :

Each gathering will include a community council (see info below) followed by time out on the land with practices for reflection, ceremony, prayer and connection with the other than human world. 

Who :

All who feel the call of the Earth to lean in. All genders welcome.

What to Bring :

Water, blanket or chair to sit on, percussion instruments - drums, rattles etc for shifting consciousness and/or rhythm circles (optional), journal, your wild imaginations and full, heart-centered presence. Optional : small monetary donations. No one turned away!

About Council :

Council is a pan-cultural ceremonial practice that allows us to "listen with the ears of our heart to the many voices of ourselves speaking." It is a time to be moved, shaped, inspired and held in a space of heart-centered exchange. Council reminds us that our stories are shared ones, and that our coming together is a radical act of participation in our lives and in the world.

The structure of this council, as taught to me by The Animas Valley Institute has been adapted from a style of council passed down from ancient Greece.  As we go around the circle, each person will have a chance to speak or express through movement, gesture, or sound what is in their heart, and we will all get to practice profound presence as we gift each other our attention. 

Council will begin promptly at 1:15pm. Please arrive by 1pm. Once council begins, we will be holding sacred silence until each has a chance to share. Please commit to both confidentiality and to the entire ceremony. Thank you!

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