What Women Are Saying

As you help me/us track the invisible thread, we live more with hearts on sleeve, pulsing vulnerability and courage in the face of criticism. I’m seriously blown away by the synergy and collective dreaming living through me even as our communities lie hundreds of thousands of miles apart. I don’t think I’ve written so reflectively since I graduated college! Though shadows and subpersonalities are around every bend, I’ve never felt more optimistic, hopeful and fearless on my path despite the unknowns and misgivings.
— Nicole
I just wanted to send out a quick note of appreciation for the elegance, intelligence, respect, and love in which you weave the threads many worlds and traditions in a rich tapestry that supports both community and individual flowering. Many thanks!
— Jennifer
Even with so many programs offered out in the world, Laura’s worked called to me. It hit my bones. She creates in a way that is incredibly grounded and of use in the day-to-day, and all the while still dances in the depths of the SOUL, bringing us back in relationship with each other, this miraculous earth, and ourselves.

More than anything, this work has even more deeply connected me with what it means to be a keeper of this planet and of myself. And for that alone, I scream this work from the mountain tops – inviting us all to once again remember the sanctity of this Home.
— Natalie
Laura’s teachings speak right into my heart. With authenticity, humility and beauty she shares her deepest calling, to help all of us re-connect to our own rhythm, the rhythm of the Earth.
— Nadia