There’s a thread you follow. It goes among
things that change. But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.
— The Way It Is by William Stafford

We Live in a Wild Time...

A time where the shadows of modernity leave many of us feeling isolated and overwhelmed. And yet just under the surface grows an almost unbearable longing for “another way to live.”

The Red Thread is an experiential, intimate, and nature-based journey designed for women of all ages and backgrounds that fosters a ritual container for SOUL. 

Soul is a living, breathing, untamable path of becoming. Soul refers to your True Place - the gift that only you carry for your people and for the world.  That gift - the one that beats your red heart alive will set the world on fire.

You Don't Ever Let Go of the Thread…

Tracking the thread of soul responds to a deep human desire in each one of us to be touched by the world in a way that changes both ourselves and the world.  Despite the epidemic of distraction in contemporary western culture, to track soul is to believe in a destiny that will exact the toll of your too-small stories.

The Mystery Journey to SOUL is synonymous with coming to know the exiled feminine - the one of you that celebrates the fertile darkness, the rich creativity of the womb, the potential of chaos, the beauty of diversity, and the alchemy of intimacy.

Everything, everything is alive.

Guided by ancient pan-cultural symbols, stories and practices, we’ll walk with Mystery for 13 moons into the forest where the wild of you lives. We’ll romance and be romanced by the inner Beloved and will spiral down into the depths of the Underworld where things look at you doubly. All the while we go knowing it is our return and full participation in the Earth Community that calls.

We’ll explore what it means to be fully human and fully WOMAN, and in our sisterhood we’ll support each other in re-membering and activating our primary place of belonging. 

The next yearlong journey begins April 2018


How Does it Work?

The Red Thread is a four-part 12-month immersion that takes place both online/at home, out on the land and in-person. There are spaces for 20 women each year to join the community and support each other along the way. 

We Engage Through:

A private community online network

Group video calls

Recorded Teaching and Meditation Video and Audio

Downloadable Content for Deepening

Developmental and Archetypal Maps

Personal One-on-One Mentorship Calls

Nature-Based practices and instruction

In-Person WILD Gatherings (optional, but recommended)

The Red Thread Sisterhood, mystery school, nature, wilderness, wild woman, soul

Who Is it For?

The Red Thread is a commitment to conscious evolution and growth. It is for women who have heard the call to grow deeper, to show up more fully, to lay down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation (David Whyte).

It is for women who would feel served and seen in a ritual container that celebrates and amplifies the full spectrum of femininity; the full expression of the life path, with all its joys, sorrows and questions.


  • Women of all ages and backgrounds that desire deep systemic shifts in the way they see themselves and their place in the world.
  • Women who are ready to lay aside external approval and social acceptance to stand inside their own sovereignty.
  • Women who hunger for a shared and experiential initiatory journey into the wisdom of the earth.
  • Women who are in an active leadership role in their lives, communities or businesses, and who need every resource to pursue their dreams.
  • Movement & wellness educators and coaches that guide others through introspective and transformational experiences.
  • Women who feel confused and distant from their life purpose
  • Women who feel pursued by a mysterious longing to deepen in an even greater way into their True Place.
  • Women who value personal experience and can come in with a beginner's mind and an open heart.

This Journey is Not For You If:

  • You find yourself mildly curious from an intellectual place, but can’t really imagine yourself going through the journey.
  • You won’t be able to set aside approximately 1 hour per week.
  • You know yourself to be incapable of confidentiality and compassionate listening.
  • If you know yourself to be psychologically under-resourced and are seeking therapy (this is not therapy).

We Explore Through:

Nature-Based Soul Practices

Radical Dialogue


Archetypal Astrology

Deep Imagination

Self-Healing and Wholing Practices

and other self-reflective, and intuitive practices

As your guide it is my intention to mirror to you what I see with compassion and fierce love, and offer you tools, practices, ceremony prompts, and nature-based tasks to help you deepen and blossom into your work as it makes itself known to you.

This is a HIGHLY experiential and personal process. Your journey will be your own, and catered exactly to you, your needs and the conversation you are being called to have with the world.

Intention is Everything

One intention worth holding would be to participate so fully in this experience that you are able to gain lasting resources that support your sovereignty, the ensouled delivery of your gifts, and address the tasks of the life stage that you find yourself in.

Our intention, together, is to get closer to Soul - our own, and that of the world. Together we enter the conversation and mark in a meaningful way what transitions, questions and longings are present in our lives, and to evoke potential in ourselves and each other. 


Practices and Tools for the Journey

Council Work - Sharing and Listening

Expressive Arts

Drum and Percussion circles/rhythms

Relationship building and cultivation with your guides and archetypes

Creative Ritual

Opportunities for Personal Practices out on the Land

Embodiment and Meditative Practices

Astrological Support and Insight

Dream Tracking and Journaling

Women's leadership exploration

Personal guidance for where you are now

The Red Thread Sisterhood Network responds to the epidemic of isolation and separation in our lives.

This platform houses all of our content in a clear, very user-friendly way, while providing the invisible web of connection that we all long for as we set out on this path. Some of the features of this platform include:

Easy login with Facebook and Linkedin

A mobile app

Live chat and direct message participants

Search for members who live near you

Be witnessed in the act of becoming visible

Moderation and connection daily with Laura


Format & Details - How Does it Work?

Each 3-Month Phase will include:

  • Content Uploads on the New and Full Moon
  • Six or more downloadable pre-recorded teaching call or video
  • Supplementary maps, worksheets and nature-based experiences 
  • Two private Mentorship video calls with Laura and personal suggestions for your journey. During this time we'll also use astrology, imagery, and dream tracking to go deeper.
  • Three or more group Video calls for sharing and support, and to practice our intuitive capacity for deep listening. The time of the lone wolf is no more. We need each other and to be seen by each other!
  • Monthly downloadable meditations and imagery drum journeys
  • Peer dyads for regular connection and support
  • Option to join the in-person gatherings
Please Note, all group calls will be set when the majority of the group is available. The group video calls will be recorded, and if you miss a call, you may be asked to share with the group on your own time. Your participation is paramount to the efficacy of this work!

Intention : To Cultivate Social Authenticity & Personal Sovereignty

Our first three months together is a time to re-wild, which involves becoming conscious of the ways the ways we may play small, the roles and identities that are no longer serving us, and world views that are disempowering to Who We Really Are. To do this work, we also need to cultivate and call upon our primary resources - both inner and outer, that are large enough to hold our fears and triggers.

We explore the wild feminine - the ones of us who have never been domesticated that are creative and courageous, as well as dark and sensual. The image and the metaphor we work work is is to consciously step back - away from the village, and into the forest. 

We’ll explore:

  • The Wild Feminine
  • Authenticity vs. social acceptance
  • Re-learning our place in the other-than-human world
  • Practices for cultivating our wholeness
  • Learning to hold our wounded ones
  • Exploration of our stage of development and the tasks of that stage
  • Living into chaos, the unknown and stepping out of the 'village'
  • Working with four directions dance circles
  • Calling home the embodied imagination as a primary wisdom source
  • Setting a powerful intention for the journey

Intention : To Cultivate Connection to Mystery & Romance the World

The Inner Beloved is our guide to soul. Courting the Beloved open us to a rich world of romancing all that is mysterious to us. It invites us into our wholeness, our capacities for seeing true beauty, our willingness to change on a very deep level and our capacity to be guided to our essence nature - our soul - out of which desire springs.

Coming to know our inner beloved requires following our allurements, and our fears into a place of intimacy with all we don't know about ourselves. Here we court the beloved within, and in doing so, are guided into the depths, and into an experience of wholeness and completeness that lays the foundation for healthy relationship with an outer beloved. 

In the second phase we follow the Red Thread to the center of our longing where we are opened by the world to our own depths. We invite in:

  • The Inner Beloved
  • Courage and joy
  • Self-love/other-love
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • The Wisdom of the body
  • The Lover and the Warrior
  • Ways of communicating with the Other-than-human world
  • Intimacy, eros and true romance
  • The Grail legends

Intention : To Explore the Mysteries of Soul/Call Home the Exiled Feminine

It is here where we learn to surrender the WHO we think we are, while listening and tracking, in that Mysterious way, the Truth at the center of the image we were born with. Where you go, you must go alone, but wanderer, know this, it is only here where we surrender the too-small lives of our own making where we will come to know why we’re here, and what particular and unique gift we carry for our people. In the Underworld we seek, and then learn to embody, exactly What Matters Most.

When we enter into the terrain of soul and begin to live from those images, mysterious though they are, many things get clear and certain choices in our lives become simplified. We realize that tracking this thread - the thread that is bleeding through YOU right now and making itself known to you and only you, is your sacred task. Everything else, a distraction. This is why we need our resources - our full, wild feminine selves to remind us that though the path we take is unknown, it is fully ours to take, and in doing so we serve the whole in ways we couldn’t have planned alone.

We dance in:

  • The story of Innana and Lilith
  • The central image of the 3 worlds/Tree of Life
  • Grief and Rage
  • Shadow and Shades
  • Sacred Wound/Ancestral Wound
  • Underworld Consciousness
  • Conversations in ceremony
  • Drumming and Rhythm

Intention : To Re-Enchant the World | Step into Social Artistry

As we near the closing of the content portion of the journey, we’ll begin to interweave the tapestry of the many voices of ourselves, arriving at the bank of the river of soul where we pray to embody our potential most fully and integrate what we’ve experienced into our day to day lives. The frontier of this conversation is about integration so that we can lean into our gifts in a life sustaining and whole way. We’ll traverse the landscape of:

  • Embodying our insights - the difference between ‘learning’ and ‘being’
  • Harvesting the gifts of our ancestors
  • Core Values
  • Embodiment and integration
  • Integration and moving forward in our wholeness
  • Gift cultivation and discovery - how to best be of service
  • Sacred activism

In-Person Gatherings 

There are two or more in-person group gatherings per year. The gatherings take place in and around Southern California in state parks or wilderness areas. Any Red Thread sister is invited to participate in the group gatherings. These times together have historically been among the most impactful moments in the program. 

For three nights and four days we’ll be together in both a celebratory and introspective way. Sleeping, eating, wandering and learning together on the land, She will begin to sing through our psyches and souls in ways we cannot imagine now.

Spring Gathering 2017 : April 9 - 12th Malibu Creek State Park, California

Extended Fall Gathering 2017 : October 6 - 11th Joshua Tree National Park, California

Spring Gathering and Completion Ceremony : Early April 2017

Joining the Red Thread brings you into a container of sisterhood. You are always welcome to join us at future gatherings, and on our group council calls.

One final word: our journeys often do not follow a set plan. Mystery will show us best how to move forward... if we never let go of the thread.

The Next Spiral Begins on the New Moon April 2018


Why Earth Wisdom?

Women are naturally, and intuitively synced with the rhythms and growth cycles of the Earth.

These earthly cycles are themselves a fractal pattern of the larger Cosmic cycles of creativity, creation and death. A woman who has awakened to her kinship with the Earth as an animate, autonomous being, is one who has access to and is able to embody the forces of nature Herself.

These forces are both an inner and outer resource for her, and an ongoing communion with The Great Round - the cycles of life and death. In this unique time of change - a time Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning, and Jean Houston calls Jump Time, the feminine way is called back from cultural exile. Tuning into Her rhythms, we return to the the place of our primary membership.

We re-member our instinctual and natural Self as cultural artisans. We lean into the conversation as stewards of our bodies, and our Earth.

Ready to Apply?

The Red Thread is an application-only program. This application process helps you get more clear about what is calling you here and how you might frame your intention for the year. It also helps me determine readiness and get a sense of your story. Please take your time with this!

What Women Are Saying

As you help me/us track the invisible thread, we live more with hearts on sleeve, pulsing vulnerability and courage in the face of criticism. I’m seriously blown away by the synergy and collective dreaming living through me even as our communities lie hundreds of thousands of miles apart. I don’t think I’ve written so reflectively since I graduated college! Though shadows and subpersonalities are around every bend, I’ve never felt more optimistic, hopeful and fearless on my path despite the unknowns and misgivings.
— Nicole
I just wanted to send out a quick note of appreciation for the elegance, intelligence, respect, and love in which you weave the threads many worlds and traditions in a rich tapestry that supports both community and individual flowering. Many thanks!
— Jennifer
Even with so many programs offered out in the world, Laura’s worked called to me. It hit my bones. She creates in a way that is incredibly grounded and of use in the day-to-day, and all the while still dances in the depths of the SOUL, bringing us back in relationship with each other, this miraculous earth, and ourselves.

More than anything, this work has even more deeply connected me with what it means to be a keeper of this planet and of myself. And for that alone, I scream this work from the mountain tops – inviting us all to once again remember the sanctity of this Home.
— Natalie
Laura’s teachings speak right into my heart. With authenticity, humility and beauty she shares her deepest calling, to help all of us re-connect to our own rhythm, the rhythm of the Earth.
— Nadia