Whale Wonder and Ocean Conservation

The Rhythm Way Supports the Research and Conservation of the Maui Humpback Whales.

Every year for the past six years I have pilgrimaged to the Lahaina coast of Maui, boarded a zodiac and made my way out to greet the gentle giants of the sea, the Humpback Whales. These great beings have long inspired me, taught me and touched me to the deepest reaches of my wild heart.

Last year, in 2014, on one such zodiac boat, a mother and brand new baby approached. What ensued was a four minute exchange that I just so happened to catch on film - an exchange that changed my life. It was in this non-verbal reciprocal conversation that I realized just how small I had been living - how selfishly, and as I stared down into the water at the calf spiraling around her mother, I truly saw my place in the larger natural world as one of steward for the earth and Her creatures - human and other-than-human alike. This whale spoke to me in great ocean rhythms...The Rhythm Way, she said. The way of peace and harmony. The path of song, and star, mystery and movement. We are not so different.

Giving Back

Since then I have held that exchange to my heart as I step into a larger conversation with all things. I reaffirmed my core values, joined a wild possee of nature-lovers and Underworld Guides in the Animas Valley Institute and took my seat as a steward and caretaker of this great earth...in the large and small ways that I can.

This is one of the ways I can.

As of February 2015, a percentage of all profit earned through The Rhythm Way will be donated to Whale Trust Maui.

An Organization that; promotes, supports, and conducts scientific research on whales and the marine environment, and broadly communicates the findings of this work to the public.

About Whale Trust Maui

Whale Trust Maui is a nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research and public awareness of whales and their environment. Based on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, we conduct and support marine research and education programs around Maui and elsewhere throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Whale Trust Maui was founded in 2001 by three individuals with over 60 years of collective experience in whale research and marine education worldwide.

Meagan JonesFlip Nicklin and Jim Darling co-founded Whale Trust Maui based on a shared belief that scientific research lies at the heart of meaningful marine education and conservation programs.

Supporting Whale Research

Our scientific focus is on exploring and understanding the natural behavior patterns in whales – the most fascinating, difficult, least understood and least funded area of whale research today. 

We support field studies of living whales at sea – our own research, and that of other marine biologists around the world.

Public Awareness and Outreach

Research led by Whale Trust Maui scientists has been featured in documentaries on the BBC, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic International, National Public Radio, the Today show, PBS, NHK (Japanese National Broadcasting) and in National Geographic magazine (1999, 2007). The team will also be featured in the upcoming IMAX film scheduled for release in 2015: Humpback Whales 3D.