Wild Self - Cultivating Feminine Wholeness.

Make no mistake dear one, you are whole.

You have never been broken.

You were never meant to be fixed.

No, you, with the kind heart, and the trembling hands, and the downturned eyes are a force of nature even at your weakest - capable of shaping and being shaped. Without you - the fullness of you, we all lose. 

This course responds to three central desires;

1. to directly experience our unique way of belonging to a network of relationships wider and yet inclusive of our social networks and vocational roles.

2. to commune deeply with the rhythms of the earth within and without

3. to cultivate trust in our own lived wisdom so that we can lead from a place of authentic connection and instinct.


Over the next 10 days you’ll receive one email ever other day that includes language, maps and models for cultivating a lived experience of wholeness, and a beautiful and clear downloadable PDF guidebook with detailed practices. Enjoy!