Wisdom Circles

Peer Coaching for Women in the Helping Professions

Over the past 15 years as a solo entrepreneur I have been thoroughly worked over by the challenges and opportunities inherent in running a soulcentric business. I know that the task can feel very isolating, time consuming, and demanding, in addition to fulfilling, creative and inspiring. I also know that when finances are tight - as they often are, reaching out for professional help may not be an option. 

You, like I have, may grapple with central questions - like how to grow your business in a way that is both viable and authentic, how to design your work and life to best reflect your particular gifts and needs, and how to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt as you step forward in visible ways. I know these questions and more have been central to me.

It's time to stop doing everything on your own.

For those of you who run independent businesses in the health, wellness, yoga, dance, coaching, spirituality and women’s development domains, I’ve put together this offering for you.

Peer coaching brings you into small Wisdom Circles of 4-6 like-minded women who share similar questions, concerns, desires and goals to share knowledge, support and resources as a learning community, while receiving personalized soulcentric and business coaching from me. We meet as a group discuss personal, and practical business-related questions/goals - and we hold each other compassionately accountable to the tasks that are ahead of us.

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Details & Exchange

Wisdom Circles meet for 1 - 1.5 hours, 2 times per month for a minimum of 6 months. During the hour, I will facilitate sharing and discussion. Each woman will have 10 - 20 minutes of share time, followed by direct feedback both from me (including next steps and clarification of tasks ahead) and from the group. We will end each circle with a dedicated 'ask' during which time women can make specific requests of their peers. We can follow up with email communication in between calls for additional resources, instruction, sharing etc. 

The monthly fee is $150.00 for two calls and in-between email exchange. 


I'm ready to connect!

Please fill in the following form. I'm always happy to follow up with a call to further discuss details. Once a group forms you will be contacted to join. For coaching testimonials and information on my methodology, check out this page.

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