The Way of Rhythm. The Way of the Earth. The Way of Soul. 

Movement, Mystery & Mindfulness with Shakti Sunfire

The Rhythm Way is a resource for your Wild Heart, which has kept the steady rhythm of your life’s unfolding. Along with your breath and the fluid choreography of your body, this rhythm mirrors and reflects the cyclical patterns of every living thing. From the cycles of the seasons, to the wax and wane of the moon, to our own stages of psychological development, our life processes are reflected back to us in a thousand silent ways from the Natural, instinctual world.

It is now more than ever that we as a global, human community need to remember that we are not alone, but indeed connected in a irrefutable way with all of life, and death. It is these explorations that help us to reconnect with our own soulful and artistic offerings that, when authentic, will serve the planet in ways we cannot even imagine and fill our lives with meaning.

The Earth is a living ecology and has profound structure. As we attune to all the ways the cycle is shown to us we come into right relationship with both our outer and inner world. We realize we are not separate, but unmistakably interwoven, and the wisdom of the Earth flows through each one of us.

Soul is the spark of this life that asks you to be as big as you can be, to live your wildest self wholeheartedly and completely.

In a world where each one of us is asked to conform to pre-existing cookie cutter shapes through the shoulds and should-nots of our culture, it is imperative that we remind each other that beauty and service lie in diversity. That the health of our communities begin within each wild heart.

By loving and accepting yourself fully, you are offering humanity one of the greatest gifts.”
— Emmanuel Dagher
“Unlike fantasy, imagination in its active orientation includes embodiment, the impulse by which we feel the necessity and drive to “make visible”.
— Anna Halprin

The extraordinary lies in the heart of the ordinary.  Myth and imagery, metaphor, story - even music or song, all give us an opportunity to connect into personal meaning. The imaginal practices - of which include ceremony, dream, and artistic expression are, by their very nature, a call to participate in the unfolding creativity of life. 

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