Bio image of Laura Larriva Page previously known as Shakti Sunfire. Photo by Megan Kathleen Photography taken at Wanderlust Whister.
    Nature Inspires me. It enlivens me. It reminds me of who I am, where I belong, and what I'm capable of. It was in nature that I first learned of the gift I carry, and how we each have our own ways of offering to the world.  As a Human Development Professional and Soul Guide, I interact with people everyday who are exploring their own Wilderness, their own lived wisdom, and discovering their true gifts for the world. I see the beauty of the Soul in our failure and our grace, and at the end of day I rest with one message in my heart;  Life is big. You are magic.  Isn't it time we all remembered?  Live, Learn & Lead in Rhythm > The Rhythm Way

Living and leading from the deep feminine to call forth the essential creative diversity, interrelationship and aliveness in all beings. 

The deep feminine is the part of us that longs for congruency of purpose, knows the world (and the self) through the intuitive windows of the body, the feeling senses, and the wild imagination. She is ecological, in that she knows herself to be fundamentally relational, process-oriented, and creatively expressive. She knows the dark as a fecund space of potential. She speaks in poetry and myth and art - and she shapes families, organizations, and businesses from that place.

She is needed here now.


 Feminine Leadership asks us to acknowledge and befriend uncertainty, call forth potential, and think systemically.

To lead from the feminine is to evoke the possible, to cultivate contextual intelligence and self awareness, to wield power with, rather than power over, and to re-enchant the world from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Soul is the gift you carry hidden that reveals your true place of belonging. We come to know soul through our longings and our fears and our very human desire to make a worthy contribution to the world.


All things are alive and connected.

When we know this in our bones, we engage the hidden dimensions of the world in conversation as a living practice. Simple and authentic creative ceremony is a way to embody and enact that conversation with spontaneity, instinct, creativity, and deeply inhabited meaning.

Creative ceremony creates an essential bridge betwixt and between the world of the known and the unknown.

We have access to direct revelatory wisdom equal in potency and relevance to logic and reason.

We are in a time of extreme challenge and outrageous opportunity.  We can no longer think in terms of reducible parts. A more integral understanding is needed to navigate these times - one that calls home all our ways of knowing.

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