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Movement, Mystery and Mindfulness for a Full Life with Shakti Sunfire.

The Rhythm Way is a resource for your Wild Heart, which has kept the steady rhythm of your life’s unfolding. Along with your breath and the fluid choreography of your body, this rhythm mirrors and reflects the cyclical patterns of every living thing in the inner and outer wilds. From the cycles of the seasons, to the wax and wane of the moon, to our own inner stages of psychological development, our life processes are reflected back to us in a thousand silent ways from the Natural, instinctual world. It is now more than ever that we as a global, human community need to remember that we are not alone, but indeed connected in a irrefutable way with all of life, and death. It is these explorations that help us to reconnect with our own soulful and artistic offerings that when authentic, will serve the planet in ways we cannot even imagine and fill our lives with meaning. 

My name is Shakti Sunfire and my vision is one of wholeheartedness where we care for the Earth as we care for our bodies as we care for our soul and spirit - where mythology, imagination, and storytelling return to their place in our hearts. My vision is one of integral leadership in movement, mystery and mindfulness practices that call us into the great responsibility of co-creating a better tomorrow. My prayer is that we each find our own wild way back to belonging. LEARN MORE


A Fearless Heart : Trust What you Came Here to Do

September 11, 2014

My mother gave me a necklace on the first day of my moon blood. I thought of how being a woman meant mess, and uncomfortable scents and limitations to the frivolity of childhood play. Whether that moment was fueled by a barrage of hormones or a deeper lament for the passing of time I do not know.

What I do remember is the handing of the necklace — one I will never wear, and the smell of horses and a taste in my mouth like shame. And beneath it all a deep grief that was not mine alone to own and to feel, but that kept at my side, an unwelcome guest, for some time to come.

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Mountain Hoopdance Ritual

September 11, 2014

Filmed and edited by Greenheart Creative and produced by Wanderlust Festival, this video captures a moment of reverence for the mountain peaks in my Colorado home. 


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